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Chiropractic Care in Boston


Welcome to Copley Square Chiropractic!


        Whether you're a regular Chiropractic patient or this is your first time seeing a Chiropractor in Boston you'll find that Copley Square Chiropractic is exactly what you've been looking for. Our goal is to get your body working properly again, whether it's just to sit at your desk without pain or to start exercising again, we can improve the form and funtion of your body.  Take your time on our site and learn about our innovative approach called ChiroMuscle treatment.  Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Please have a look at our success stories and our great reviews on Yelp! For the quickest response please call one of our office managers Laura or Lianna and they'll answer any questions that come up.

If you're looking for more info on our office please check out our Facebook page and our Blog



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Runner’s World Cover Model Talaya Frazier

Talaya Frazier, seen here on the cover of Runner’s World, stopped into see one of Boston's Best Chiropractors last Sunday for an adjustment, before running the Boston Marathon!

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Hip Pain During Boston Marathon Training

Seeing as how the marathon is just next monday I thought today’s post should be about the most common problems I’m seeing in the office with runners. At this point, the longest run of their training is over, and they’ve been able to see how their bodies are going to hold up for the majority of the race. The most prevalent injury I’m seeing after this long run isn’t really an injury at all, it’s an annoyance for most people. It’s described as a “pinching” or “jamming” in the hip joint. Symptoms include slight pain in the front of the hip or side of the hip, restricted motion when bringing knees to the chest, or just a feeling of something not being right in the hip itself.

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Stretching Before vs. After Exercise – Copley Square Chiropractic

If you live in Boston you have inevitably noticed the summer weather we’re finally experiencing… and you may have been so excited that you threw on your sneakers and bolted out of the office to get a quick walk/run in. You can’t walk down a single street in Boston without seeing people out and about. But along with this new found activity level Boston is experiencing comes an inevitable question… when to stretch? Before… after… does it really matter? Lets take a look at the physiology of stretching.

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Migraine and Tension Headaches 

Why does my head hurt again? I didn’t do anything, I didn’t drink too much, I didn’t hurt myself, but my head is still killing me… why?

This is an extremely common complaint that many Boston Chiropractors hear in their offices. People dealing with constant headaches and not understanding why they won’t go away. Fortunately, there is always a cause of headaches and it’s not because “it’s just how I am” as many people think. There are skeletal, muscular, hormonal, nutritional and neurological causes to headaches and once we find out where the headache is coming from we can take steps to cure them.

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Free Weight Loss Workshop and 2-Week Boston Sports Club Membership

FREE Offer @ Boston Sports Club South End**

2 Week Workshop

WHEN: Wednesday Evenings 7:00 pm

February 22nd , and February 29th

WHERE: Boston Sports Club South End

•  Lose weight by learning how to implement the important concepts of weight loss as guided by Dr. Piretti –with E-mail support available to all participants.
•  Eat a large volume of food.
•  Learn why you get hungry, why you eat, and why most diets fail.
•  Discover how many successful participants have overcome discomfort and ailments caused by common food intolerances, and poor nutrition.

**Complimentary 2-week Pass to BSC S. End, for non-members during 2-week workshop!
We encourage you to Sign up by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Hope to see you there!

HBO Special Says Nutrition is the Key To Weight Loss
If you tuned into the HBO special last night, The Weight Of A Nation: Confronting America's Obesity Epidemic, you probably noticed 2 major themes. The first, and most crucial, is that obesity is killing more people and ruining America's Healthcare system faster than any other health issue... and it's not even close. The money it takes to take care of obesity related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease is disturbing to say the least...

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TMJ PAIN: What is it? And what you can do about it.
People come into our Boston Chiropractic office on a daily basis and say "I'm here to see the chiropractor because I have TMJ" so this post is for those of you who have experienced the jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, or inability to chew that is associate with "TMJ."
The first thing to look at is the acronym "TMJ"... what does it stand for? The medical name is Temperomandibular Joint. If we break this down further into its separate parts we have three separate terms. The first word is Tempero, which truly means Temporal. The temporal bone is part of your skull. The second word is Mandibular, which means mandible...which means Jaw.

 Read the rest of this post on our blog

In between each vertebrae of the spine are shock absorbers called discs.  They are like large pads of cartilage that prevent each bone from rubbing against each other.  Similar to how a knee has cartilage to keep it moving, the spine has discs to keep it moving.  I like to think of a disc as a jelly doughnut because each disc has an outer layer which is stronger, and an inner layer that is more fluid.  Similar to a jelly doughnut.  When someone bends forward the jelly in the middle of the disc will naturally be pushed... READ MORE

I'm always getting asked about "other things" people can do to decrease their pain, when they can't make it into the office.  Luckily, in my former life I was a personal trainer so I've always got certain exercises or stretches that can help some of the time.  A few people need weight loss, some people need muscle strength, and others need a different way of thinking...Check out our blog to read more

If you turn your hand over, palm facing the ceiling, and look down at your elbow you'll see a bump on the inside that sticks out a bit.  That bump is called the medial epicondeyle of the elbow and on the opposite side of that bump is another smaller bump called the lateral epicondyle.  Both spots are attachment points of the forearm muscles.  The medial epicondyle is where the flexor muscles attach (the ones that flex your wrist in a "come here" motion)   READ MORE

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Whiplash, Sciatica, TMJ


"Seeking care from Dr Luke Piretti was by far the best decision I could have made. After being rear-ended in an automobile accident and not finding relief through other medical avenues, I sought chiropractic care for the first time in my life. I decided to see Dr Piretti not only based on his medical background and experience, but also because of his holistic approach and high recommendations.

- Dr Piretti is very personable, professional, knowledgeable and caring.
- He generously provides great tips regarding nutrition, exercise, stretching, etc
- He clearly explains steps he is taking throughout the appointment, as well as openly discusses your overall health plan, goals, and next steps
- Excellent at treating core issues, not just the symptoms. He has a very holisitc approach and helps motivate you toward overall health

Dr Piretti treated me for the following symptoms and issues: Whiplash injuries (Neck, Shoulder, Mid-and Lower-Back pain, Sciatica, TMJ problems). In addition to his chiropractic adjustments, he also counseled me regarding Nutrition, Exercises and Stretching techniques.

I am confident that everyone in Dr Luke Piretti's office is genuine and wants to help you.

I highly recommend Dr Luke Piretti for anyone looking for the best overall care."

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